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See everything Toronto has to offer from our world famous EcoCabs! Driven and narrated by your very own Driver Guide, these unique pedal-powered bicycles will allow you to see Toronto at your own speed and only visit the attractions you choose along one of our four tour routes.

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An EcoCab is a 3-wheeled tour vehicle that combines a futuristic outer body, with a revolutionary electric assist system to offer riders a fun and eco-friendly transportation experience. The vehicle is primarily driven by pedal-power and receives a little help from a recharchable electric

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Each EcoCab is operated by one of our professionally trained Driver Guides insuring that you are both informed and entertained during your tour of Toronto. Our charismatic and animated guides are in great shape and are easily able to both navigate and narrate your tour

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Welcome to Toronto, there is so much to see and do here we just can’t wait to show you around. Just click the link below and we’ll share some fun facts about this great city. If you have any questions, just let your Driver Guide know and they will be happy to help you.

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