EcoCab is an innovative vehicle and environmentally focused program that continues to expand across North America. Our unique City Tour program is subsidized by participating partners, referred to as Brand Heroes, who utilize our EcoCab fleets to advertise to consumers while on route. This funding reduces the cost of our City Tour ticket and provides a valuable incentive to visitors to utilize our eco-friendly vehicles as opposed to diesel burning alternatives.

Operated by specially trained Driver Guides acting as both city and brand ambassadors, our electric assisted vehicles are able to easily navigate through congested city streets and provide effective tour transportation between downtown buildings, entertainment attractions and special events. From an advertising perspective, EcoCab delivers highly visible vehicles and interactive experiences that shape buying decisions and build brand equity. As a brand partner, you could utilize your EcoCab fleet to promote a new campaign or distribute product samples to passengers. By providing visitors with a unique and fuel-free transportation alternative, you are establishing yourself as an environmentally responsible brand committed to community minded thinking.

For more information please contact us via email or call our office at 905 943 7590 x222

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