An EcoCab is a 3-wheeled tour vehicle that combines a futuristic outer body, with a revolutionary electric assist system to offer riders a fun and eco-friendly transportation experience. The vehicle is primarily driven by pedal-power and receives a little help from a rechargeable electric battery when climbing small hills or carrying multiple passengers.  The EcoCabs eye catching body design is completely constructed of recycled plastic, while the roof mounted solar panels provide electricity to the vehicles rechargeable batteries. The 21 speed vehicle also features a fully enclosed rear seating area that provides increased safety to passengers as well as protection during inclement weather. 

When riding in the EcoCab, its always a good idea to have the person on the right side of the bike taking pictures. Although Toronto's tour attractions do appear all around our vehicle, you will find that passengers sitting on the right side of the Driver Guide will have an easier opportunity to take pictures.  

a. Recycled plastic body
b. 7-gear, 21 speed transmission
c. Adjustable driver's seat
d. Front wheel motor
e. Halogen headlights
f. Parking brake
g. Front hydraulic disc brakes
h. Front suspension system
i. Passenger entry
j. Side windows
k. Anti-slip floor mats
l. Interior lighting
m. Grip bars
n. Passenger seat
o. Wheel reflector
p. Wheel covers
q. Windshield
r. LED turn signals
s. LED brake lights
t. Roof sign
u. Roof flag
v. Rear view mirrors
w. Rear window (covered)
x. Rear hydrualic disc brakes
y Rear suspension system
z. Battery compartment
Interactive iPad display
Audio player
Size 9' L x 3' W x 6.5' H
Weight 135kg / 300 lbs.
Speed 10 to 25 km/h



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