So why take an EcoCab Tour you ask? The answer is simple, because EcoCab is different. The truth is most Toronto tour companies are going to show you the same city sights and attractions with very little differences. What can be different is the method you choose to see our city or who you choose to see it with. At EcoCab, we feel the journey is as important as the destination and that’s why we believe that our revolutionary EcoCabs and knowledgeable Driver Guides offer the best tour experience in Toronto. Our electric assisted vehicles and animated guides are as unique as the city of Toronto itself and offer countless advantages over traditional tour companies and vehicles. 


Top 10 reason to take an EcoCab Tour

1. Fun Have a great time being shown around town in your very own EcoCab
2. Personal Learn about the great city of Toronto from your own Driver Guide              
3. Eco-friendly A sustainable and fuel-free alternative to diesel burning tour vehicles
4. Variety Three distinct tour routes to choose from that focus on your exact interests
5. Affordable Great ticket prices, discounted children fares and reduced family packages
6. Easy Simple payment options, booking methods and tour pick-up points
7. Convenient Enjoy personalized hotel pick-up with our exclusive Your Tour™ package
8, Evening Only EcoCab offers evening tours of Toronto nightlife and attractions
9. Access Exclusive access to small areas such as China Town and Kensington Market
10. Customizable Create your own tour experience with our exclusive Your Tour™ package



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